portable calibrator
Agate AT-2030

The AT-2030 portable calibration shaker table is designed for simple accelerometer and vibration transducer calibration without the need for advanced features.
AT-2030 is a variable frequency, variable amplitude, battery operated portable shaker capable of calibrating accelerometers, transducers, and proximity probes. Applications are producing a known vibration signal in g’s, mils, or ips for sensor, wiring, instrumentation, and system checkout in vibration condition monitoring applications.

Applications :

- Cabling and wiring troubleshooting,
- Vibration signal simulation-accelerometers and velocity probes,
- Machinery speed signal simulation,
- Calibration for: Accelerometers, Proximity probes and drivers, Monitoring systems, Charge amplifiers, Avionics equipment.

Primary Functions of the AT-2030

To shake or excite a transducer under test. In shake mode, AT-2030 can be used as a variable frequency, variable amplitude shaker. In this mode, the frequency and amplitude are set manually by the user, while the computer provides high accuracy measurement signals.

To verify control room validly. By comparing vibration signals sent to the control room, the user should be able to determine if there is any machinery error.

To test wiring and connections. Using methods similar to testing control room equipment, the user may also input a known good signal to cabling and connectors. The result on the other end of the connection should be the same as AT-2030.