portable calibrator
Agate AT-2040

Introducing the AT-2040 Portable Vibration Calibrator and Transducer Test Set, the industry’s highest quality next-generation portable vibration calibrator. We used customer input and technological breakthroughs to develop an industry-leading design with superior accuracy.
The AT-2040 features full-automatic test mode, sensor simulation, a built-in sensor signal conditioner, and custom sensors that can be configured to fit every need.

Applications :

- Cabling and wiring troubleshooting,
- Vibration signal simulation-accelerometers and velocity probes,
- Machinery speed signal simulation,
- Calibration for: Accelerometers, Proximity probes and drivers, Monitoring systems, Charge amplifiers, Avionics equipment.

Functionality :

Create calibration certificates for vibration instruments.
Test all types of vibration sensors and transducers from a variety of accelerometer and eddy current probe manufactures.
Test and verify performance of vibration system meters, portable data collectors, and cabling by using an accurate and traceable signal generator to simulate a variety of sensors.
identify and quickly address issues in vibration system setup with the assistance of useer-friendly software tools.
Control form a remote location.
Control AT-2040 from a remote location.