VCM-3 Condition Monitoring Unit
A new dimension of automatic machine fault detection and diagnostics.

VCM-3 adds a new dimension of healthcare awareness to your assets, whether it be balance-of-plant, non-critical machines and even isolated critical machines. Compact, cost-effective, cutting-edge technology based on decades of expertise and a customer base of thousands of monitoring systems that are successfully watching over machines worldwide. As an optimal condition monitoring solution, it helps turn vibration into real business value.

You have dozens of machines to take care of:
• Too many failures between walkaround intervals?
• No budget for a rack-based system?
• Diagnostic specialists difficult to find?
There is ONE solution that addresses all these needs.

condition monitoring unit
vcm-3 benefits

VCM-3 field mounted condition monitoring system highlights :

• No diagnostic expertise needed,
• Start out small and expand as your needs and experience grow,
• Extensive interface capability,
• Be up and running in no time