Portable Condition Monitoring
The portable VIBROPORT 8000 (VP-8000) hardware platform is based on our rack-based VC-8000 machine protection system.

VIBROPORT 8000 is packaged and optimized for portable use to:
- Record vibration levels during machine start-up and coast-down,
- Monitor trouble machines for several months until root cause of faults can be determined and resolved,
- Augment protection-only systems with CMS data, especially when an incumbent online system does not provide the relevant data,
- Provide access to the current system data for 3rd party consultants.

vibroport 8000

The VIBROPORT 8000 includes several Universal Monitoring Modules (UMMs) based on your needs. Each UMM supports up to four sensor inputs (e.g. displacement, velocity, acceleration, speed/phase, and 4-20mA process inputs.The VIBROPORT 8000rack also includes a 32GBSD card forautomatic data backupsand manual file transfers(up to approximately two months)and a 256GBinternal SSD drive for longer internal data storage. The 32GBSD card can be removed and directly read by SETPOINT®CMS, the internal SSD drive needs a laptop connection for data viewing and retrieval.

Connect the VIBROPORT 8000 directly to your existing machinery protection system via BNC connectors with full support for DC to 20Khz signals from most industry standard sensors. We include a power supplycable, a USB cable, UMM-to-RJ45 cables, and a 10ft long cable to connect toyourexisting protection system’s BNC connectors. Use our Cat 5/6 cables as plug-and-play connectionsto your existing protection system.