PT. Cistech Alpha Indonesia

is an Engineering Company focuses in providing high quality products and services in the area of preventive and predictive maintenance.
Established in 2005 and at first represent Bruel & Kjaer Vibro as an exclusive distributor in Indonesia and through over years, Cistech has gained acceptance and recognition for the provision of technologically advance Vibration and Condition Monitoring products coupled with supreme professionalism to support the activities of installing, commissioning and after sales supports.
Over the years, as the company has grown and scope of products sales have expanded to Laser Alignment system, Infrared Camera, Quality Measurement Tools and Workshop Balancing Machine while our Condition Monitoring Services includes : Vibration Analysis Survey, In-situ Balancing, Onsite Laser Alignment, Infrared Thermography and Infrared Gas Leak Services.
To disseminate practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition, Cistech offers several training programs including Basic Vibration, Alignment and Infrared Thermography Course and has entered into an agreement with the Vibration Institute Certification (VI Certification) to conduct training, education and certification utilizing the Institute’s materials and follow established Institute policies and procedures.