Brüel and Kjær Vibro has a monitoring solution products for several industries and offer a wide range products that can best meet your needs and implementation and services not only can help to get up and running but also ensure you get the most of your monitoring system during the lifetime for all the machines protection and diagnosis, such as for fans, separators, pumps, compressor, transmission, wind turbine generator system with the extension hardware supported with diagnostic software :

machine protection system
condition monitoring system
When choosing a suitable vibration and condition monitoring instrument to protect a machine the following points must be taken in account :

- What type of machine and how many measure points to be monitored ?
- Is the machine designed with rolling-element or friction bearing ?
- Which sensor provide optimal result – displacement, velocity or acceleration sensor ?
- Is the monitoring equipment to be stored in a control cabinet or mounted near the machine ?
- What are the requirements regarding the communication of measurement data ?
- Is an offline handheld measuring instrument to be used to detect early damage to the machine and is it necessary to field balance rotors ?