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Move from complexity to simplicity, from asset and process intelligence with the PI system. Its highly scalable, open data infrastructure empowers enterprise in realtime, transforming operational data into actionable knowledge and bussiness transformation.


Server and client-based software programs that automate the collection, storage and presentation of plant information.

- Linear-not relational-database.
- Compression algorithm allows efficient data storage.
- Powerful server applications.
- Execellent system management tools.

What makes the PI system unique is its ability to collect enormous amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from any source - consistenly, reliably and accurately. Then share that data in intuitive ways with the people and tools that can make a difference.

pi system

For over 40 years, PI system has enabled industry to collect, standardize, contextualize, and federate large volumes of industrial, operational data. As a system of record, PI system provides the fundational data that enables better decisions, improves business processes, and fuels digital transformation.

With the PI system, OSIsoft customers have reduced :
- costs
- opened new revenue streams
- extended equipment life
- increased production capacity, and more.


PI Core is our most widely used software, providing industrial engineers, asset operators, and onsite analysts with real-time, high-fidelity operations data for informed decision-making.

PI Core benefits :
Scalable data archive for operations,
Integrated context and data modeling,
Self-service data visualization,
Operations-grade reliability.

PI Core features :
Collect data,
Store and enhance data,
Visualize data,
Integration : shape and translate data to use in cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.


Valuable data is often stranded outside your control network. PI Edge technology collects real-time data from remote assets and IIoT devices for intelligence that spans your entire operation.

Benefits :
Lightweight software for remote locations,
Insight across distributed operations,
IIoT ready,
Asset-monitoring capabilities.

PI Edge technologies :
Edge Data Store (EDS) : EDS gives you access to data from remote environments with intermittent network connectivity or conditions that are too harsh for typical PCs.
PI Adapters : PI Adapters can route edge data to your on-premises PI Server’s Data Archive or to OCS, the PI System’s cloud-based data management service.


Extend the PI System from edge to cloud in just a few clicks. Created with critical operations in mind, PI Cloud is cloud-native software that offers secure, turn-key data management. It's your data. Now, do more with it than ever.

PI Cloud advantages :
Operations data, anywhere,
Get data from edge and on-premises systems with minimal configuration,
Smarter data sharing,
Rely on our experts for maintenance and updates.

PI Cloud technologies
OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) : OCS provides a comprehensive and secure set of cloud-native capabilities. Capture, process, and share critical operations data, both within and outside your enterprise.
PI Cloud Connect : PI Cloud Connect is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that allows you to share data between PI Servers both inside and outside your enterprise.