The Vibration Institute vibration analyst certification program is the benchmark and recognized as one of the highest standards of industry knowledge and competence among professionals in the field. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, employers and clients seek the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals. We are extremely proud that the Vibration Institute’s vibration analyst certification program was accredited by the American National Standards Institute in March 2010. ANSI is the premier organization that coordinates the implementation of national and international standards.

Accreditation by ANSI ensures that the Institute’s vibration analyst certification program and process is fair, consistent and maintains the highest standards to assess the qualifications of professionals in a non-subjective manner. For certified vibration analysts, it ensures technical competence and a measurement for advancing careers. For employers, certification validates employees’ skills and knowledge that ultimately result in better service, support and customer satisfaction grounded in safe and effective practices.

The Vibration Institute’s Alignment Specialist and Balancing Specialist certification programs are not accredited by ANSI but we have spent the same amount of time and energy on the ongoing development of these programs and their adherence to established standards. Our long-term goal is to have all of the Institute certification programs recognized as the highest standard of knowledge and competence.

We invite you to explore how certification can create a competitive advantage in yourcareer and for your employees.

Introduction to Machinery Vibration.

This course prepares attendees to perform a range of simple channel machinery vibration condition monitoring and diagnostic activies and is the preparation for the Vibration Analyst Category 1 Certification Exam.

This course prepares attendees to perform basic vibration analyst using single-channel instruments according to established procedures, set-up of instruments and maintain a database of result and is partial preparation for the Vibration Analyst Category II Certification Exam.