In industrial, vibration is used as a healthy indicator of the machine, mostly in rotating equipment. Mechanical vibration has become a major axis to monitor the machine condition that measured by vibration transducer and processed by vibration analyzer with FFT Spectrum or Time Waveform as its result.

For having a line on this discussion, vibration analysis is the single solution to express the main problem of the machine. The purpose of vibration analysis is to identify the defects, machine faults, and root cause in order to predictive maintenance program.

There are 3 characteristics that consider in vibration analysis: amplitude, frequency, and phase – where they have their own role in this scope. The amplitude changes in vibration level are used to evaluate the severity of the machine, the frequencies are used to recognize the machine faults that cause the vibration, and phases are used to understand well the machine behavior when operation.

Cistech, as a company in the area of preventive and predictive maintenance, has a rigorous competence to perform this vibration analysis as its engineering skills.